Spectrum TCR LTD: A photographic shop that speaks sense

Fuji comes to TCR

Spectrum has been appointed a main stockist for central London

Spectrum TCR Ltd is a wide-ranging digital and film photographic business with decades of experience.We are an authorised dealership for all the major camera and lens manufacturers, in particular Sigma who have chosen us as their sole professional stockist in London.We are also pro stockists for Nikon, Pentax, Olympus and other lens makers such as Tokina and Tamron. We are experts in other optical/imaging products such as binoculars, telescopes and microscopes and we supply a full range of accessories such as filters, flashguns,  tripods and ancillary products such as camerabags, film stock, batteries and digital storage devices. Our speciality is face-to-face service. Visit our store and we will be pleased to show you our extensive stock, offer you expert advice and service and provide after-sale assistance. We don't yet offer online sales - but we can handle your requests by phone or email and we provide a mail order service.




We also offer passport photographs, developing of both film and digital photo's.

Here at spectrum we also offer a professional repair service for all of the known brands of cameras and we include repairs to flashguns, film projectors, lens and most other optical equipment.


Unusualy we will offer a special ordering sevice if we do not stock a particular product this is a service lost to most of the multiple store outlets.